‘The website notes simply that:

“Any Gryphon preamp or amp is a final destination point for audiophiles, both in terms of performance and price.” injects the following observation based on decades of experience:

“It’s hard to keep my enthusiasm bottled, when something arrives for a review directly from Gryphon Audio and Flemming Rasmussen.”

Now, in its long-awaited debut, the Gryphon Zena true dual mono preamplifier harvests the fruit of significant advances made in the evolution of the state of the art Gryphon Mirage.

The Zena preamp is based on an exclusive, fully discrete, DC-coupled Class A topology with zero global negative feedback and extended 1 MHz frequency bandwidth, all contributing to high slew rates, extreme transient fidelity and zero treble phase shift for proper focus with fine ambient micro-detail.


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