Two devices in one, that’s what you get with Métronome DAC and CD combos, with the same quality requirements as on separate elements.

Métronome’s expertise allow us to propose the equipment that really meets your requirements, either you are a pure CD user or a computer music lover.

Highlights and design key features :

Métronome developed two different lines of DAC + CD combos, with the same quality standards.

– AQWO is the latest generation of CDC+SACD/CD hybrids from Métronome. Being the first SACD player of the brand, it’s also a very high level D/A converter, decoding DSD up to 512 (x8).
– CD8 S supports PCM format files up to 32 bits / 384 kHz, and is available as a tube output stage version (CD8t S). Conversion is made through Asahi Kasei converter chips, and proprietary electronics designed and built in our workshops.

– Le Player® 2 is dedicated to CD users, but also has a DAC function through asynchronous USB. It may alternatively be used as a CD transport thanks to a S/P DIF output. The model 2S decodes DSD and will be appreciated by fans of high resolution audio.

CD8 S and Le Player 2S are devices clearly dedicated to listening to computer music, thus a S/P DIF input is implemented allowing connection to a streamer or server.


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